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Nikki Cox is Emerging from a Swimming Pool in a Red Bikini
Nikki Cox is Emerging from a Swimming Pool in a Red Bikini
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04.03.2015, 01:31

Ballbusting Celebrity Pics

This section has photos of celebrities attacking the testicles of men. You must be a registered user to view the images of men getting kicked in the groin. Registration is free! (Hits: 201928)
Alessandra Ambrosio - Supermodel Ballbusting Goddess (2)
This hot goddess kicks men in the nuts just for looking at her the wrong way!

She's so hot and sexy that some men spontaneously ejaculate after she ballbusts them with her long, firm legs and smooth, silky knees!

Anna Kournikova - Russian Ballkicking Mistress (2)
This supermodel tennis player is more than just an expert at whacking tennis balls. She can smash guy's balls with amazing accuracy and power!
Britney Spears Ball Kicking Pictures (2)
After Brit's tumultuous relationship with Kfed and the press, she learned how to unleash all the anger and fury that she kept bottled up for years by kneeing, kicking, punching, grabbing, and biting men's testicles!
Carmen Electra - Kicking Balls with Boobs, Butt, and Luscious Legs (1)
With so many gorgeous body parts at her disposal, Carmen Electra is able to strike at men's bare genitalia with her fists, breasts, legs, and backside!

She is so skilled at cbt, that she can squeeze the life out of a man's bare balls by gripping them between her enormous tits!

Catherine Fulop Supermodel Nutbuster (1)
She is one of only a few women in the world who are trained and licensed in the art of ninja-ballbusting! Her martial arts skills and self-defense expertise enable her to thwart the attacks of molesters, rapists, and flashers by annihilating their testicles with her solid kicks, punches, and ninja-grabs!
Christina Aguilera Ballbusting Photos (3)
One of the greatest ball busting divas of all space and time is Christina Aguilera. This category contains celebrity fake photos of my favorite Latina pop singer, mercilessly kicking countless men in the balls while they are cumming in blissful agony!
Demi Moore - Nutcrushing Milf who Loves CBT (1)
Demi Moore has the physique of a goddess , and she is one of the most attractive celebrity moms in the world. Her ballbusting skills are amazing, and she shows no mercy on the bare testicles of anyone who puts them in the path of her knees!
Denise Richards - Kicking Clothed and Nude Men in the Balls (1)
All those years of being married to a man who loves hookers has built a tremendous amount of contempt and frustration in this hot milf! She decides to release her unparalleled anger by striking men's genitals with her toned, sexy legs and knees!

Don't mess with this testicle-smashing queen if you're a paparrazi or a stalking pervert!

Eva Longoria - Sexy Testicle Torturing Actress (1)
This latin ballbuster is known for attacking male genitals whenever someone tries to grab her tight butt or cop a feel on her perky tits!
Eva Longoria does not forgive or forget, and often her confrontations end up in a pair of sore testicles!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Self Defense Groin-kicking photos! (2)
Don't let this beautiful celebrity hottie fool you with her cute smile and curvaceous body. This smoking hot brunette bombshell is ruthless and menacing when it comes to attacking men's unprotected nuts!

She is one of the only celebs in the universe who prefers to kick men's testicles... cfnm-style!

Jessica Alba Ballbusting Fakes (4)
Hollywood actresses are known to be fearsome ballbusters because they often need to kick stalkers, peeping toms, and perverted fans in the balls!

Jessica Alba is one of the best ball busting babes in the world! She has kicked thousands of fans in the balls, including spidey and many members of the paparazzi.

Kristi Yamaguchi - Ice Skater and Nutsack Punisher! (1)
She has spent all her life, training with jumps and kicks during figure skating. Now that she is no longer competing in the Olympics, she uses ballbusting as a substitute for her kicking skills! Never let your guard down around this sexy figure-skating ballbuster.
Kristin Kreuk - Kicking Groins and Denying Pervs (1)
Perverts and flashers love hot, young celebrities. Unfortunately for them, Kristin Kreuk loves smashing testicles with her bare hands, feet, and teeth!
Lindsay Lohan - Ballpunching and Ballkicking out of Rehab (2)
Instead of consuming alcohol or cocaine, this hot celebrity ballbuster has a new addiction: kicking, stomping, grabbing, and punching men's testicles!

Linsday Lohan has transformed into one of the world's most fearsome ballbusting girls!

Lucy Pinder - Supermodel Testicle Destroyer! (1)
This hot supermodel celebrity does not take prisoners when it comes to men's bare balls! If anyone annoys her, they will receive a flurry of rapid kicks to their nutsacks without warning. Lucy Pinder will not hesitate to squash your nuts if you put them in her face!
Marissa Miller American Supermodel and CBT Specialist (1)
Behind her beautiful facade lies a merciless dominatrix who gains pleasure by abusing men's genitalia. Supermodel by day and ball-bashing mistress by night, Marissa Miller loves to grab men's nuts and squeeze them until their balls turn blue!

Don't cum in her hands or she will punch your nuts like a pinata!

Michelle Kwan - Asian Ballbuster (1)
After years of figure skating, Michelle Kwan decided to deploy her kicking skills in the realm of male genital torture, cbt, and ballbusting!
Nikki Cox - Notorious BallSqueezer and Nutkicker (2)
Celebrity babe Nikki Cox is notorious for kicking men in the balls for groping, peeping, and fondling her massive boobs.
Paris Hilton - Sexy Femdom Ballbusting Goddess (2)
Paris loves to dominate men like a tall amazon with her long legs and fierce grip. Her ball-grabbing skills are amazing, and the force of her knee on men's balls often makes renders them impotent after one swift kick!
Rachel Bilson - Cute Celebrity Nut-Smasher (1)
Rachel Bilson doesn't like cumshots to the face or her new couch! Don't mis-fire, or your nuts will be sore like two swollen tonsils!
Sarah Michelle Gellar - From Vampire Hunter to Scrotum Hunter! (1)
Ever since she stopped hunting vampires, Sarah Michelle Gellar turned into a fierce scrotum stomper! It turns out that all the dead vampires have been killed by stakes through the heart, sunlight, and castration by Sarah Michelle Gellar! She will not back down from a fight, and it will most likely result in a pair of balls getting kicked and socked like a punching bag!
Tara Lipinsky - Olympic Self-Defense Specialist (1)
This beautiful Olympic hottie is also a specialist at female self-defense and female domination! She uses her skating skills during ballbusting sessions when she kicks men in the crotch, and she ballbusts during skating sessions whenever pervy fans get too close!

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Krista Allen heel kick
Krista Allen heel kick (yow_homie)
Ballbusting Celebrity Pics
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Jenny Frost crushes balls
Jenny Frost crushes balls (yow_homie)
Ballbusting Celebrity Pics
Comments: 373
Kylie Minogue Grabs a pair of balls and doesn't let go!
Kylie Minogue Grabs a pair of balls and doesn't let go! (mikeandressi)
Ballbusting Celebrity Pics
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